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Jan28Tara Great video! I moved from Havasu in 2006, so I have never seen the hot air balloon fevtsial. I got a great feel of what it is like from this video, thanks for taking it! It also makes me feel a little nostalgic and home-sick, the desert is such a magical place. Thanks again
I'm not sure how I feel about this premise, to be hsnoet. The production values are through the roof and the mellow tones of our narrator combined with broadcast quality titles and editing certainly give the video the appearance of gravitas.I suppose what I feel is missing is the definition of remix . I feel that a single borrowed bass line does not a remix make, I guess. Is all homage a remix? Is plagiarism a remix? I think I feel that our author's definition of remix is SO broad that it diminishes the evolution of other words that better describe these matters. In that regard, it waters down the argument a little. It is a bit like theorizing that, Everything is a Noun .This is not to say that the information isn't interesting, and I like the amount of research put into demonstrating musical riffs and how they are carried through other genres, etc. (though there were a couple of times my ear couldn't distinguish the supposed sampling) However, from the title of the video and the basic premise at work here, I'm not yet convinced there is a compelling argument. Everything is NECESSARILY a remix if your definition of remix includes EVERYTHING.
Thanks so much for this wonderful airctle; this is the kind of thing that continues me though out the day. I’ve been searching around for your airctle after I heard about them from a friend and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being a avid blogger, I’m happy to see others taking initiative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for your post as it’s very encouraging, and many writers do not get the credit they deserve. I am sure I’ll be back and will spread the word to my friends.
fe9v12EricdeB Il va faire un carton. Quand je vois le norbme de gens qui n ont pas besoin de toute la puissance et la technologie de l iPhone 5 (ou 4S), qui souhaitent conserver iOS et leurs donne9es, qui jouent de temps en temps e0 des jeux basiques, naviguent peu et se servent d appli comme 20 minutes, Libe9ration ou autres Je me dis que e7a va faire fureur. c0 voir de quel capteur et optique cet iPhone sera e9quipe9. Si c est du matos du 5 (qui e9voluera pour le 5S), e7a sera top.Perso j ai besoin de puissance pour mes traitements photo et surtout vide9o. Mais sinon, pourquoi pas. Du moment que j ai une bonne optique, que c est fluide.
hello there and thanks i've just urndestood the way masks are set. Yesterday i was tryin to deal with masks by putting them on the timeline over the textfield, but it ended crashing flash all the times. Weird.How do i make this mask tween so that it makes as if a text under is being written?Regards.

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